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Physiotherapy Beyond Sports Massage
I only seek my physiotherapist only for sports massage
This is often heard and assumed by many. For those physiotherapists who work in private sector, depending on the niche what the center provide, there are : sports rehab, neuro and stroke center, womens health center, peads and infant care center, autism center and many more. Let us share with you more on how physiotherapists can impact your life other than being your personal sports masseur!
Definitely there are a lot of other approaches available in other sports physiotherapy centre, but here's our specialties as your sport physiotherapist other than sports massage.
Not your typical next-door physiotherapist!

  1. We specialise in movement-based diagnosis & treatment by identifying your root of the problem based on a series of physical examination

  2. We are a team of expert physiotherapists who can design a personalised movement programming to get you out of pain and moving at your full potential using pilates method

  3. We strongly believe in continuously educating our consumers on the 'whys' so that they can be fully independent in the near future

  4. We believe in a personalised form of assessment and treatment for every individual

What we can promise you is we are not your typical next-door physiotherapist! Most importantly, every sports physiotherapy centre offers different services. What you can do as a consumer is to call up to find out more on the types of approach provided and you shall decide it for yourself!
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