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Precise Rehab Sdn. Bhd.
"Going to Precise Rehab is like getting help from a friend because they actually want what's best for you."
Physiotherapy with a personal touch, because we care about you. Our team of expert therapists carry out treatments that are specially tailored to your needs to help you feel your best. For more info, you can read the list of solutions we provide by clicking here.
If you're suffering from any physical pain, we specialise in areas involving the joint, muscle, and nerves. Our expert therapists are ready to ease all that pain away from you.
You need a body that can keep up with your active lifestyle. Our treatment plan help to maintain and protect it from breaking down.
Feeling tight after a workout? Don't let muscle soreness slow you down. We'll get you feeling your best in no time so you can get back to your routine faster.
Reduce Pain
Avoid Injuries
Rapid Recovery

  • Hooi Choon Ling
    Chanced upon Precise Rehab when I was looking for a good physiotherapist for my mom (immobile due to stroke) 2.5 years ago. With bad experiences from most of the physiotherapists that I have engaged previously, I was impressed by Lip Qin. And I have nothing but praises for this fine therapist since then. Precise care and treatment was given to my mom, with so much good techniques applied, and most importantly with sincere passion and empathy. Fast forward to the opening of Precise Rehab clinic, I myself started seeking treatment at the clinic for my muscle tightness issues. Good results from Dry Needling and manual therapy and never hesitated to refer my family and friends to them. With their 2nd clinic opening at Bangsar, I am excited to see this wonderful team continue to grow! Good stuffs, Keep it up!
  • Mustakim
    Had back pain that was diagnosed as slip disc in 2014. Ever since then I lived with constant pain that shuttles between moderate to extreme, sometimes with no rhyme or reason. I tried all sorts of treatments, acupuncture, chiropractor, osteo, traditional massage, sensei, rolfing to name a few. All provided temporary relief but none cured. I went to see PR in April this year. The PR team was able to pinpoint more accurately the source of the problem, which required rehab and strengthening of muscles to correct the imbalances that's causing the pain. Doing the rehab sessions definitely contributed to curing the problems I had. It's been a slow process but one that I can positively say has been the best amongst the others I tried.

  • Phang Kuok Sing
    Got a bad shoulder injury from training back in August '17. Decided to visit them after 1 month of self-help (to no avail). Felt a lot of difference right after the first session thanks to dry needling and rehab exercises to strengthen the shoulder & the surrounding muscles. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling almost perfect & performing better in training now thanks to Fred & the PR team.

    The injury was fixed, and my knowledge towards my own body increased. Thank you!
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