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Precise Rehab consent form
Datas collected will be used for medical or among school staff only.
请问说明您的孩子目前遇到问题/ 不舒服的地方
Physiotherapy Service Consent Form

I hereby declare that my child is free from any serious medical conditions or issues*:

*1.Surgical incision or Open Wound
2. Hypersensitive Skin
3. Healing Fracture
4. Acute Inflammation (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
5. Cancer or Tumor
6. Osteoporosis (Advance)
7. Diabetes (Advance)
8. Deep Vein Thrombosis / Varicose Vein or any musculoskeletal injuries
9. Pregnant
10. Taking blood thinning (or heamophilia disorder)
11. Using long-term steroids
12. Immunosuppressant medication or have an implanted device.

I consent to the proceedings of evaluation and treatment as deemed appropriate, and I have been made aware of the risks and benefits associated with treatment or rehab services. I agree to release PRECISE REHAB, and its associates from all damages that may result from all respected treatment or rehab services.



*1. 手术切口开放性伤
2. 过敏性皮肤
3. 骨折愈合
4. 急性炎症(类风湿性关节炎
5. 癌症或肿瘤
6. 骨质疏松症(晚期
7. 糖尿病(晚期
8. 深静脉血栓形成/静脉曲张或任何肌肉骨骼损伤
9. 怀孕
10. 血液稀释(或血友病)
11. 长期使用类固醇
12. 免疫抑制药物或植入装置。

我同意适当的评估和治疗程序,并且我已了解与治疗或康复服务相关的风险和益处。我同意免除 PRECISE REHAB 及其相关人员因所有相关的治疗或康复服务而造成的所有损害。

身体接触和暴露治疗区域的必要性 (手, 腿或脊椎)