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22nd & 23rd November, 9am - 4pm
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Physiotherapy Service Consent Form

I hereby declare that I am free from any serious medical conditions/ issues*:

*Surgical incision & Open Wound, Hypersensitive Skin, Healing Fracture, Acute Inflammation (Rheumatoid Arthritis), Cancer or Tumor, Osteoporosis (Advance), Diabetes (Advance), Deep Vein Thrombosis / Varicose Vein or any musculoskeletal injuries, pregnant, taking blood thinning (or heamophilia disorder), using long-term steroids, immunosuppressant medication or have an implanted device.

Our physical therapists have received extensive training under GEMt DNT (Australia) for the appropriate technique and use of dry needling in conjunction with other manual therapy techniques.

I consent with the proceedings of evaluation and treatment as deemed appropriate and I have been made aware of the risks and benefits associated with treatment / rehab services and agree to release PR PRECISE REHAB, and associates from all damages that may result from all respected treatment / rehab services: