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What you should expect from a physiotherapy session
Many of you have experienced a physiotherapy session before, or maybe not. Some claimed to be a wonderful experience, and some not. As the industry is growing, numbers of local physiotherapy clinics popped up at your neighborhood. Before stepping into any clinic of your preferences, here are some points of reference WE THINK you should expect when engaging a physiotherapy treatment session

Reaching out to you as soon as you did your booking is part of our priority! It is because we do not want you to deal with your pain by yourself any longer. When we call to book for your appointment, expect a quick confirmation on your booking date and time by your therapist. You can also book your appointment through our online booking website which is much more convenient in terms of checking the availability of our therapist on the day or time you prefered. Feel free to book yourself into our slot by clicking on this link


We treat our clients with warmth and respect. No matter how presentable our image and clinics are, we believe that everyone deserve a warm welcome and leave with optimistic and hopeful feeling. Our therapists are gracious towards their clients where they practices friendly approach and full of empathy. Last but not least, we would always require your full details for safety purposes and making sure you are in a safe hands.


MUST….GET…..ASSESSMENT done! Especially during your first visit to your physiotherapy session. It will give your therapist an idea of your diagnosis, educate you on the root cause of the problem before planning for treatment and prescribing exercises to prolonged the effectiveness of your condition. So please do not get annoyed when asked a lot of questions. :P (only related questions!)


It is the most neglected part of all physiotherapy services by many. However, we will make sure you will be given abundance of explanations regarding diagnosis, how the pain occur, how the prescribed treatment could help and how the exercises could help for your condition.


Less touch, More movements! Movement is the key towards recovery. Why? When you have sports or musculoskeletal injuries you need to know that the pain relief after being release/sport massage by our therapist is only temporary where it alleviates the pain from your body to give chance for you to do movement. Always keep in mind that exercises are long term that gives a huge beneficial effect to your body and health. Therefore, combining sport massage and exercises will surely facilitate your recovery and enhance your performance.

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