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How does Physiotherapy facilitate your recovery during an injury or improve your
peak performance?

As a professional athlete or a recreational player, are you struggling from a recurring
injury despite sufficient recovery or perhaps you would want to improve and enhance
your peak performance?

Physiotherapy can help!

As physiotherapists that specialise in sports rehabilitation, our practice is to facilitate the recovery of our clients during an injury or peak training! Our goal for each and everyone that comes to us is to understand more about their body and movements so that one feels empowered to get better and perform better. With that being said, one does not have to be in pain or be injured in order to seek a physiotherapist.

Here's why!

Problem Finding through Precise Assessment
This is the most significant part of the whole process. The assessment usually consists of asking a series of questions and history taking, tests of flexibility and strength, and postural and movements analysis.

These are conducted in order to give the physiotherapist and the individual a better idea about the issues, and the root cause of the problem in order to plan specific rehab programmes according to your needs and goals.

The goal is to educate you to ensure that you understand each finding and how we can help you in the long term. Hence why you need not be in pain in order to visit a physiotherapist.

If however, you have an injury, here’s how we can help you!

Resetting Muscles through Passive rehabilitation
Manual therapy (trigger point, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, soft tissue
manipulation, and dry needling treatment) is prescribed to aid in your recovery and to
release the tight muscles. The goal during this phase is to improve the range of motion,
flexibility, or to help manage the pain or inflammation due to the injury.

Having managed your injury or as an athlete, you would want a tailored programme to
improve your peak performance, here’s the next step.

Active rehabilitation
We greatly emphasise on movements! A specific and detailed program that consists of
mobility work, corrective exercises, activation of proper muscles with strength and
conditioning drills, will be designed with the thought process of translating it over into
your daily movements or sports specific. These will be planned according to the findings from the assessment. The goal is also to improve the quality of movement, enhance the performance, and feel empowered as an independent individual to properly manage your injuries if there is a re-occurrence.

In summary, Physiotherapists are here to educate and empower you, so that you can
improve to be better and work together towards getting the best version of yourself!